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Cards speak louder than emails: what your digital inbox can’t offer.

Do you know that sending and receiving letters and cards is good for our physical and mental health?

There is something special about the personal touch of a card that digital messages lack.

A card shows effort and thoughtfulness that makes the recipient feel special. I would imagine that emails are now most often associated with work; texts and messages via social media can have their place and quite often everyday things with family and friends, but not everyone can do this. Although most of us have grown up with technology and instant communication wherever in the world you may live there are still people for who this is overwhelming or not accessible.

There are 4 main ways in which we benefit from sending a physical letter or card.

1 . The joy of a timeless keepsake

For Mother’s day this year, my daughters bought me some postcards. Just a few from years ago that they found in a charity shop in Cambridge. They know that I like history and they thought I would appreciate these glimpses into the past. I didn’t know the person, but these postcards are still special to me. They are simple every day messages about everyday things. I think the son must have been living away from home at school. When I was at college and university my mum would write every week. I still have them. They are a timeless keepsake . The calm and focus of writing can help our mental health as well as boosting that of the recipient. When did you last physically write to someone?

2. Its good for our brains!

Holding a card or letter in hand triggers emotional responses that digital messages just can’t evoke. The physical movement involved even in checking the post and picking it up… the excitement of a handwritten envelope. Do you recognise other people’s handwriting before you open the letter? At one time a quick glance would have told you where it came from, now we rely on reading the “sender” of a digital message. The physical action of writing a card makes far more connections in the brain than using a keyboard to type on. It also stimulates our cognitive processes of memory , creativity and problem solving.

3. It can boost our immune system

When a card is unusual and not mass produced and you have taken the time to write inside, it shows how much you care. Of course, one of the best parts, is when it is received as a surprise and not for a particular event but just to say hello and that you are thinking about them. In a digital world something handwritten stands out from the sea of emails and texts. It shows that you have taken the time to select, write and post a card which will be so very much appreciated. Last Christmas we received a wonderful card full of heartfelt messages which meant so much to us all.... from one of our family of creation.

It is a symbol of generosity and kindness. Do you know that these interactions boost our immune system?

4. It helps to build real and meaningful connections which in turn boost our wellbeing and self esteem.

A card will often find a place on a shelf, desks or even pinned to a fridge long after it has been received. Do you ever do that with digital messages? Cards have special significance for special occasions and milestones. We send cards for birthdays, wishing good luck, in sympathy and for many other reasons. A card you have sent may be kept for many years. I still have some special ones from my aunts and uncles who are no longer here and ones from my parents. Have you kept any special ones? A card received in the post that has travelled many miles also connects people together more. You know that what they will hold something, that you yourself held.

Sending a unique card from an artist also supports their small business and contributes to supporting creativity and community. Ever artist will be grateful for these small purchases.

Choose a special card and even if you just write a short note inside it , you will be brightening someone’s day when they receive it.  Do something that your digital inbox can’t achieve.

Cards speak louder than emails….

What are you waiting for?

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