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Curious how art can transform your home?

Discover more: Bucks Art Weeks at Stony Stratford

As Bucks Art Weeks comes close, I’m thrilled to invite you to come along and see my work along with 6 other artists in the picturesque town of Stony Stratford. From June 8th to 16th, our doors will be open to art enthusiasts, nature lovers, and curious minds!

My animal and wildlife art will be on display alongside ceramics, mosaics, textiles, glass art and paintings of still life and landscapes.

What is Bucks Art Weeks?

Bucks Art Weeks is an annual celebration of art and creativity that takes place across Buckinghamshire. This yearly event sees artists and makers from all over the county opening their studios and homes to the public. It’s a fantastic opportunity for visitors to explore a wide range of art forms, meet the artists, and see where and how they work.

If coming to see art in a residential location makes you nervous? Don’t be. Last year we had over 400 visitors across the 9 days. There is lots of space to browse at your leisure with the artists on hand to chat to. There is on street parking, and most importantly we will also have some wonderful refreshments for a donation to Willen Hospice.

Our Venue: A Hidden Gem in Stony Stratford

Our exhibition space is not just any home. With its large garden well known for Open Gardens and its indoor space you will find beautifully displayed art. It's the perfect setting to lose yourself in the world of art and find inspiration for your home and garden around every corner. We also begin on the last weekend of Stony Live. The Sunday being the day of Folk on the Green, make a day of it and see what other amazing events are happening in Stony Stratford.

Meet the Artists and Their Creations

We are a collective of seven artists, each bringing a unique perspective and medium to our exhibition:

  • Sam Burke: Known for her stunning kiln-formed glass art that captures light and color in breathtaking ways.

  • Laurie Keck: A master of abstract and sculptural ceramics, Laurie’s work explores form and texture with striking originality.

  • Lesley Keck: Lesley’s landscape paintings invite you to journey through serene and evocative scenes, capturing the essence of the natural world.

  • Anna Woodhead: Specializing in textiles, Anna’s pieces blend intricate patterns and vibrant colors, creating tactile works of art.

  • Jennifer McAllister: Her still life and landscape paintings are a celebration of nature’s beauty, rendered with meticulous detail and warmth.

  • Melanie Mosaic: With her skill in mosaics, prints, and ceramics, Melanie creates intricate designs that add a touch of elegance and whimsy to any space.

And myself... bringing to life animal and wildlife art through the medium of oil painting. My work aims to capture the spirit of our wonderful animals using vintage music as well as more traditional painting and I also have a few abstract landscapes.

Why You Should Visit

  1. Diverse Art Forms: From the fluidity of glass art to the tactile beauty of textiles, our exhibition offers a rich variety of mediums and styles. There’s something for everyone.

  2. Stunning Location: This beautiful setting in Stony Stratford, with its lush garden and  indoor areas, provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying art in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

  3. Meet the Artists: Engage with us, the creators, and learn about the inspirations and stories behind our works. It’s a chance to gain deeper insights into the artistic process and the passion that drives us.

  4. Support Local Art: By visiting, you’re not only enjoying beautiful artworks but also supporting local artists and the vibrant creative community of Buckinghamshire.

Join Us!

Come along and be part of Bucks Art Weeks at our Stony Stratford location. Whether you’re looking to add a unique piece to your collection, seeking inspiration, or simply wanting to enjoy a day out surrounded by art and nature, our exhibition promises an enriching experience. We can't wait to share our work with you and hear your thoughts. See you there!

For more details, visit Bucks Art Weeks. Chat to the artists about their inspiration, buy a piece of artwork, or simply be inspired. Don’t miss out on this celebration of creativity and community and look out for our “Meet the Artist” events.

Find us on FB and Instagram ! (Stony Stratford Artists Group)

8th – 16th June, 4 Claremont Avenue, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK111HH (daily 10.30am -5pm)

Can't get there in person?

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