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How do we make our art practices sustainable?

A photo of two paintings of a tiger. The top painting shows one facing left and roaring. The bottom painting is face on. Both are heads only on a brown background
"The King" and "And I"

Today is world sustainability day (October 26th)

It's a word that is increasingly heard but its overuse and greenwashing have diffused its original meaning. We need to know what sustainability actually involves and take the first and knowledgeable steps in the right direction.

I confess it is a word that I should know more about… we all should be working towards more sustainable practices in everyday as well as in art. Art is a great medium for the storytelling of sustainability and climate change. It is also something that for many years has incorporated the up cycling of discarded items into art. As artists, we also have the privilege of choosing our materials. We can opt for eco-friendly options, such as non-toxic paints and natural dyes, which can help reduce our environmental footprint while creating beautiful works of art. We can look to reuse canvas’ and use bio degradable products.

Essentially, for me sustainable art involves making art that is not harmful to the planet. It might also draw attention to the issue of sustainability itself, as well as the climate crisis and social issues. As an animal and wildlife artist the impact of our changing climate is huge on the other life we share this planet with. We need to do what we can to continue sharing it with them before it is too late.

As something that I personally want to improve on I would love to hear what practices you incorporate into your business, art practices or everyday life to be more sustainable.

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