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What is the ultimate tribute for your fur-ever friend?

How much do the animals in your life mean to you? Do you know there are just 4 steps involved in the ultimate tribute?

There now seems to be a month for everything doesn’t there? But that’s ok… It means that there can be a different focus throughout the year on different things that are important to different people.

This month apparently is National Pet Month. Given that animals and pets are so important to me, this is a great opportunity to focus on those animals that become a part of our everyday lives and our families. National Pet month celebrates and raises awareness about responsible ownership and the benefits of owning a pet.

I always feel so privileged when I am asked about painting someone’s pet. I get to know them through photos and conversations with the owners. Sometimes the paintings are being done as a gift and the pleasure that people get in receiving them is so heart-warming.

Deciding to celebrate your pet in a painting is a wonderful way to remember and celebrate this family member. All my animals have been family. They are there for you every day and you build a bond and rapport with them that’s difficult to explain if you have not experienced it yourself.

I have a drawing of my horse that was done many years ago now. I love it but its also about the warm, fuzzy and happy memories that it invokes. Not only Bertie himself but the people that I would spend every day with on the yard.

So, what does a pet portrait involve?

In the most basic sense, you choose a photo and I work from it to produce a painting.

It does involve a little more than that!

1.        Choose at least 3 photos.

Those in daylight work best and also at eye level with the subject. From these photos I can advice which would work best.

2.        Choose the size of your painting.

This is your next decision. You may be bound by financial constraints or even wall space! Let me know what you would ideally like and we can go from there. My commissions page has rough prices on for you to look at. I have done from tiny (15cm x 15cm) to quite large (60cm x 50cm) anything is generally possible.

3.        Choose the background. This is relatively easy. Do you want a plain background? One with vintage music? Or a more detailed background. Those with a more detailed background do incur a bigger cost due to the extra work that is involved. If you choose music, you may have something in mind. I will do my best to find that music but again there may be a charge for this.

4.        Finally, choose the surface… this is what I will do your painting on. A wooden panel is generally 3mm deep and is easy to frame in a ready-made frame. A canvas can be hung directly onto the wall without the need of a frame. If you choose a canvas they are still easy to frame yourself in a floating / box frame but I can also arrange  that for you if you don’t want to do this yourself.

4 easy steps to your pet portrait! That’s all ! If you are unsure I can help you with each decision to ensure you get the outcome your pet deserves.

Of course there may be other questions you may have such as adding further animals so please do ask.

Contact can be through which ever means you prefer. We can talk on the phone, arrange a video consultation or if you are local I can visit you and also take photos while I am there. Email, messenger and Whatsapp are all different ways to keep in touch. I tend to do a lot through messenger or email but I can work with your personal preference on that.

Our pets give to us everyday their warmth, their comfort and companionship. Of course just like family we reciprocate the same to them. They are all so different with their characters and I aim to portray that through your portrait.

If I asked you for 3 words to describe your dog, cat, horse rabbit etc…. What would they be? I think my dogs together would be loving, loyal and regal. Individually though they would be quite different .

National Pet Month is the perfect time to make the decision to book in your portrait. I have a few spaces left in my diary for them so get in touch soon. If you have a special event that it is needed for do let me know. There is no better way to celebrate your pet this month!

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