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A year ago on the 21st March it was my parents 57th Wedding Anniversary. Always treasure every day you have as you never know when its the last. We took photos of us all together and later that week my dad went into hospital with dehydration never to come out again. Just the most awful experience watching him pass... covid didn't help as we couldn't visit to ensure he got the care he needed. The basics of food and water.... Why is that relevant? Well the events that all happened or didn't happen after this meant that I struggled even more with what should be my usual days. The death of a parent rocks your world doesn't it? Art and music became my escape even more than they were before. Its like reading a book... entering a visual world where you don't know what they journey will be like or where it will lead. Music is emotive... so many songs that bring back memories . Am I right? I did a painting entitled "Over the Hill.... from Garforth" I look at the picture and hear the music... I hear the music and I see the picture, but for me that picture is also my dad. He grew up around Owl wood in that painting and he loved our little dog. Before his funeral we spent time down there among the bluebells and it felt special.

What I do I do for my family, and for bringing a smile to other people as well. I started this particular journey nearly a year ago but it is only going to get better and better. I know dad would be proud.

Thank you for joining me x

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