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The myth of Blue Monday and why its actually a great day…

Do you even know what it is? It was nothing more than something dreamed up to sell holidays ! Remember that… just another way in January to make you feel bad about yourself. Spoiler alert !!! Its NOT 

A particularly bad day during the year would be different for every single one of us and for many reasons! To “expect” it on a particular day of the year …. Because society says ( but remember it’s the holiday industry !) is just a terrible thing to promote . So let’s put a twist on this… why is January so good…. Why is today so good? 

Well for a start we are already seeing the difference in the amount of daylight. Daylight in particular affects our mental health …. A chance to be outside in winter sun is a great feeling… even if it is colder ! The signs of spring and a new year are already starting to appear…. Daffodils are growing . I’ve been in the garden and noticed my rhubarb is already growing ! What a wonderful sign of change and lighter and warmer days coming our way. 

January is still a month of extremes of weather… It may be sub zero temperatures…a rainy day or  a mild day with daffodils starting to bloom…. For me that just means it’s a time to cosy up. Fuel to heat the home is expensive but there are places to go to keep warm, but even then, putting on extra layers and putting a blanket over your knees really helps you warm up and stay snug in your own home. Do you remember old pictures of what people wore to bed in Victorian times? It included a hat…. I have taken to wearing a very garish green creation that I crocheted last year to bed ! Yep…. And I have another for during the day my daughter made :-) try it ! 

It’s a time for comfort food…. I love to cook and bake and that also makes for cheaper food ! After an often expensive month in December , January is a great month for using up left overs, sorting through the cupboard and trying out new recipes. It’s a great month for soups and stews both of which are not only nutritious but make the ingredients go a long way. I made mung bean curry yesterday which is just divine and leaves me feeling so good after. Lots of home cooked food like this that really doesn’t have to take long to make is a great way to kick start a healthy diet after Christmas excesses. 

I also embrace the quiet of January…. The calm after the storm and pressure of December. I love December , don’t get me wrong… seeing family and friends..and so many music concerts ! All 4 of us play an instrument and we have all played , sung or hit gongs in concerts in December. It was fun but tiring  . January is a wonderful month for relaxing and reflecting. 

I’ve spent time thinking about my values recently…. What is important to me and how I can share that with you. Do you have a key word for this year? 

I have loved being back to painting and looking forward to another Bucks Art Weeks. I am also looking forward to more exhibitions with the Association of Animal Artists. 

Blue Monday?

Blue is associated with calmness 

Blue is associated with nature, in particular water and the sky

Blue is linked to trust, loyalty and spirituality 

Blue is a colour known to have positive effects on mental well being… and is associated with regulating circadian rhythms and improving mood. 

Blue Monday may have been invented to make you feel bad and book a holiday but it’s a wonderful day to take stock of all the wonderfulness that comes in this month and those ahead. 

How much more daylight do you have today? 

What are you yumminess are you eating today?

Have you been outside ? Or are you cosying up inside and staying warm ? 

photo of my wonderful Rhubarb that reminds me every year that lighter and warmer days are on the way !

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