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Where do you go to see art?

Bar Bar Black Sheep have you any art?

Art for me has not just been about what I create but also about finding places and people to connect with who share this love of making art. Last week I sat in our very lovely Milton Keynes Art Gallery enjoying their exhibition but you don’t need to always visit a gallery to see art. This week I went along with my daughter to help hang some paintings in a local café for Stony Stratford Art Society that I belong to.

I’ve said before how I belong to this society and how much they are so very welcoming and inclusive to everyone. The Café (Bar Bar Black Sheep ) is such a fabulous place and very much a hidden gem in the old railway town of Wolverton, Buckinghamshire. Fabulous coffee and cake (including gluten free) but such a brilliant place to display art. The art society have a whole wall and the opposite wall has selected artists work (which I really need to go back and look at properly)

Monday morning, we all gathered there with a whole range of art work. Jim is the eldest member at 95 and came along armed with several of his paintings but what a fabulous variety of work; watercolours, pastel portraits, oils, acrylic. My daughter (the youngest there) was volunteered to be the one to hang the picture. The work is all for sale and at very reasonable prices. If my daughter was in the society at the same age as Jim it would be the year 2093! That is a bit mind blowing.

I really hope that in that year there are still coffee shops like this displaying art, and that people are still creating and enjoying art as we are today.. The square in Wolverton where this café is located is little changed from what it was like when it was first built, different shops but a wonderful open space in the heart of this historic town.

I’ve come across Bar Bar in the past as our orchestra have donated to their suspended drinks/meals scheme, providing for those in need in the local area. It is truly a community café. I can’t wait to go back and have one of their coffees, relax and take time to look after me. I may even take my sketch book along. There will be more places like this that I can go and see art. I want to spend some time over the rest of this summer finding them !

Where do you go to see art ? Do let me know especially if its somewhere I could go and see myself . do check out their amazing menu !

Stony Stratford Art Society for information please email

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