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Why Music and Art?

Where words fail, Music and Art speak …

Ok so that combines together a couple of quotes but isn’t it true?

Music was something that my grandparents would have grown up with in their homes. No radio when they were born and definitely no TV. Even a record player would be unlikely. Music would be live… in the home or in the local area played by family and friends . Almost everyone would sing or play the piano, even if singing was at church (or down the pub!). I grew up knowing that my Aunt Alice used to play the violin, that my Nan played the piano, Aunt Betty liked to sing hymns and play the piano. My dad on the other hand was incredibly proud of his dad who played the clarinet in the Leeds Metropolitan Police Band and prior to that was a trumpeter with the Scots Greys during WW1. As it turns out with a bit of digging around my gt grandfather also was a musician with the Scots Greys (joining as a young band boy ) Within mining communities, including Kippax where I grew up, there is a long history of brass and silver bands.

I sit writing this in a café (actually one that my art work is on the wall of!) I can’t choose the music I am listening to but it is there in the back ground, a play list chosen by someone else for this setting. This weekend I was at a birthday party. Music was a big part of this event. The main evening included a band and a DJ but also started off with the most amazing selection of music to celebrate the 21st birthdays of some long time friends of my daughters and our family of choice/ creation. New Zealand/ Pacific Island music live in the heart of Surrey! (also in the middle of a forest!) Music is a part of what we do and have done for all our lives and also those of our ancestors.

Some music is timeless. I don’t know how old the music was from New Zealand that we listened to this weekend or that we watched people dance to, but I would guess the traditions at least are old. How would it be a celebration without music? It was an honour to be there but also to hear once more this fabulous music (video at the bottom !) Music is a part of our modern culture and traditions, as well as in the past. Some of the music I have used have tales and stories of their own. Roses of Picardy was sung by people heading off to war in WW1, others are film music telling stories. We have an emotional response to music in much the same way as a photograph brings back memories. Combining music and art in one, to me, gives an extra level of emotion to an art work. There are many ways I use music in my work; the title and words of a song, the title of the music, and especially the sounds and mental imagery and feelings that it evokes. Elgars lilting themes of an English countryside, Webbers Military marches…. Each painting has its own sound track, each piece of music has its own image.

Why music and art? It is a part of us and something that we can’t help but “feel”. It is in our lives everyday . Music and Art speak… Take a listen to this video .... bet you'll smile!

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