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ABYSO Project

The print and notebook "Unity" was painted in response to a fund raising idea involving Commonwealth Resounds and the Antigua and Barbuda Youth Symphony Orchestra. 

In July 2023 a group of young talented musicians from the UK will be travelling out to the islands to mentor the orchestras members. 

I have offered a raffle prize in the form of an A4 pet portrait to help raise funds for the transport and accommodation of these volunteers but have also produced prints and notebooks of the Painting "Unity" (Green Turtles on the background of the Anitgua and Barbuda National Anthem/ music). These prints and notebooks can be purchased via my website with a percentage of the proceeds going to this project

Please check the  gofund me page for further information

Two green turtles one facing left and the  furthest one facing right. They are on the music for the Antigua and Barbuda National Anthem which is painted with a wash of blue and small bubbles of air.
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